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A one-stop resource to point you in the right direction

A place to learn how to start your dream design business

A community that is supportive and shares knowledge

GDL is made for Aussies but is here for all creatives!


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Geared towards Aussies but made for everyone to be a part of GDL


When I started my own business, there was so much information to learn from but it was all scattered and half of what I came to learn, I stumbled upon.


So GDL was created to connect you with the knowledge, tools and resources that will inspire you, motivate you and help you learn from others (and maybe even from me), to become successful designers.


GDL was made with Aussie design business owners and graduates in mind. I estimated there were between 2000-5000 designers graduating each year and not all would be landing jobs. So freelancing is what many designers fall into and have a steep learning curve.


GDL is primarily for those who are starting out in business, no matter if you are an Aussie or you're from abroad. But GDL is for all as a resource that is here to cheerlead and share with each other.


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It does weigh in at a ten-minute video but it really explains the "why" behind why GDL was created and who it's for.


A big reason for how you've probably heard of GDL is from the social media content we put out on Instagram and YouTube. There's actionable advice, supportive insights, tips and tricks that you'll find on there.


In addition to cheerleading fellow designers' work and profiles in Feature Friday posts. So these are the platforms you'll see most of the GDL stem from. But they are also platforms to communicate with us.

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Two Red Chairs - A G'day Design Life podcast

Two Red Chairs is a podcast aimed at creating conversations with fellow designers, creative experts and industry professionals that relate to becoming better designers and business owners.

Some guests have included Apple logo designer, Rob Janoff, the freelancer godfather, Michael Janda and creative legal expert, Riz McDonald.

  • Spotify - Two Red Chairs
  • Apple Podcasts

A private design community of like-minded creative business owners.

Team GDL is a small online community we created to bring together design business owners from Australia and abroad. It's a space to share your knowledge, ask questions and support one another to grow.

It includes weekly ZOOM Creative Catchup calls where we focus on a topic of discussion. To join the team it's less than a case of beer, for $40USD per year.


Reagan 'Frank' Mackrill

I'm a brand identity designer from Sydney, Australia and run my own business, G'day Frank

I've worked with big brands like Disney, Volkswagen, The BBC, Qantas and Facebook in my time. But none of that compared to the challenge of starting my own business in 2018.

So I created GDL to give back and cheer on those who are planning to or have recently started their business. To provide a resource to turn to and a community to grow with.

A community that is all about learning from each other and making new relationships with those who are in the same boat or who have years of experience to share.

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Between engaging with the GDL content & networking with the man behind the idea - I’ve been able to fill in gaps of knowledge that my degree left out and connect with a community of like-minded designers.

I often feel personally attacked by Frank's posts (in a good way). It's like he knows my weaknesses and publicly shares them as lessons for me and others to learn from

😂 😂 😂

A big heart, creative mind, likeable personality, bang-on design skills, and ambition make for a great entrepreneur. Frank has all of the above and more! With Frank at the helm, GDL is a must join community for Aussie creatives (and non-Aussies will get a ton of value from it too).

I started my own business 3 years ago, and have often winged it along the way – which I think we all do to some degree. Since becoming part of Team GDL I’ve received invaluable knowledge on how to run my business, and it has also helped me gain more confidence as a business owner.


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